NCL/IPV Training

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NCL/IPV "In-Process-Verification" Class

The class will provide students with the necessary skills to take full advantage of NCL/IPV for tool path verification and machine simulation.
Topics covered include: creation of stock models, verifying multiple setups, analyzing and measuring the cut part, performance issues, and machine modeling.
Students can attend the entire class or choose to attend either Day 1 for NC verification training only, or Day 2 for machine simulation training only.


$350.00 per day per student Duration: 2 days (16 Hours in Total)
Pre-requisites: Completion of the NCL General Class, or at least 3 months experience using NCL.

Class Outline

  • Day 1 - NC Verification
    • User interface
    • Tool path types
    • Stock and fixture modeling
    • Viewing
    • Tools and holders
    • Performance related features
    • Saving the cut part
    • Analysis and measuring
  • Day 2 - Machine Simulation
    • User interface
    • PostWorks simulation files
    • Part orientation
    • Machine modeling
  • Day 3 - Fine tuning and maintenance
    • Initialization Files
    • PostWorks directory structures
    • PostWorks utility programs
    • Final exercises
    • Q&A
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