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PostWorks Universal Post Processor Class

In this class, students will learn how to create and maintain postprocessors using PostWorks. The class will guide students through the process of creating a multi-axis postprocessor.

Students will learn how to configure machines with rotary tables and heads, customize output files, and create postprocessor macros.
This class is a must for any company using PostWorks.


$1,050.00 Duration: 3 days (24 Hours in Total)
Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of CNC machine code.

Class Outline

  • Day 1 - The Basics/MakePos
    • PostWorks system overview
    • Learning to use MakePost
    • Running PWORKS
    • Print Descriptor File exercise
  • Day 2 - PostMacros
    • PostMacro language overview
    • PostMacro exercise
  • Day 3 - Fine tuning and maintenance
    • Initialization Files
    • PostWorks directory structures
    • PostWorks utility programs
    • Final exercises
    • Q&A
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